Build a model ship display case

Master the art of making your own beautiful custom display cases for your model ships.

model ship glass display case

Build Your Own Model Ship Case

You did it! You built a model ship, maybe even with your son or grandson, and it is magnificent. It is definitely worthy of display on the mantle or a table of its own so it can be easily admired. It will surely be a great conversation piece. But you don’t want too much handling or accummulating dust to ruin hours of detailed work. A quick internet search reveals the hundreds of dollars a nice, glass display case will cost.

We have the answer! You built your ship, why not build your own display case. We can show you how in an easy step-by-step guide!


Build your own model ship case

Building a model ship case

In this guide by Wes Marden, you will discover:


Start building your model ship case today!

Wes Marden's eBook "Build Your Own Model Ship Case" will walk you step by step to build your own model display case. His book was discussed in Model Ship World as “pretty clever” & “handy” when constructing a wood & glass display case for a tall model sailing ships.

This E-BOOK is available for immediate download after purchase. No waiting.

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Build your own model ship case ebook

I followed your instructions and found them quite easy to follow.

Bill F. : Perth, West Australia

I learned much thanks to your book.

Benedict F. : Pasadena, MD

Pretty clever using the base as a jig for the internal frame.

Model Shipworld

I'm a firm believer in quality and your book provided it.

Kim S. : Wheatridge, CO

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