Build a model ship display case

Learn How to Build Your Own Model Ship Case

A Mandatory Book For Building A Glass Model Ship Case. Buy Now And Save!

What I am giving you in this book is your own complete set of simple step-by-step instructions, photos and sketches on how to build a beautiful display case with limited tools and budget not to mention the satisfaction of saying “I built this myself”.

Wes Marden's eBook "Build Your Own Model Ship Case" will walk you step by step to build your own model display case. His book was discussed in Model Ship World as “pretty clever” & “handy” when constructing a wood & glass display case for a tall model sailing ships.

This E-BOOK is available for immediate download after purchase. No waiting.

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Build your own model ship case ebook

Building a model ship case

In this fully illustrated guide by Wes Marden, you will discover:

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The project was a success and I went with the 5 mil glass. ...I am very happy with your design.

Ted Laurentius, St. John's, Newfoundland

I should have done this quite a while ago. I’ve built one case (so far) using your instructions. Here are some pictures...

Gregory J., Green Bay, WI

I think your concept ... was very, very clever and really contributed to the success of the project.

Doug, South Dartmouth, MA

I'm a firm believer in quality and your book provided it.

Kim S. : Wheatridge, CO