How to build a Model Ship Case

Build Your Own Plastic and Acrylic Display Cases for Smaller Models At a Fraction Of The Cost Of Buying Them…


"A Must-Have Book for Any Serious Model Builder's Library."

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A complete guide to mastering the art of making your own beautiful custom plastic display cases at a fraction of the cost of buying them. The book covers not only tool requirements and construction options but the art of displaying your material to the use of bonding agents. There are over 45 color construction photos including the use of mirrors as part of the base. You will also see the actual construction of two different case designs and the resulting end product while using this book.


Inside You'll Discover...


The art of displaying your material
Material and tool requirements
Base selection ideas and options
Cutting acrylic and plastic sheets
The use of glue or chemicals for joints
Assembly and final cleaning tips
The author’s construction secrets